What’s Poppin In Popenguine?

Popenguine. Activités sur la petite côte au Sénégal. Viens jouer!

POPPIN’ (adj)

A synonym for awesome, popular, or fresh. Can also be used to ask someone what’s up, or what’s going on e.g. What’s poppin in Popenguine?

As most of the world went indoors to shelter in place, in our usually sleepy seaside village of Popenguine, we were not resting. Yes, we kept our distance as best as we could and replaced handshakes and bisous with elbow bumps. But we also diverted our energies towards sowing seeds of creativity and possibility while waiting for confinement to end.

We used the lockdown to curl deeper into learning more about ourselves, our craft, and how best to share that with others.

Now, as the rainy season comes to an end, yellow acacia flowers have bloomed and the brightest green covers our usually dry red sand. The seeds we planted took root and have also started sprouting. In the last couple of months, our little community has gained yoga, dance, and capoeira; writers, soapmakers, farmers…And even creatives who are turning trash into treasure!

Come experience the magic and energy of Popenguine.

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