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Fawzia Munshi ~ The Foodie Yogini

Certified Yoga Teacher since 2015, the path took me on a wondrous journey of discovery through East Africa and SE Asia, before leading me to Senegal – one of the countries I now call home. One of the biggest lessons I’ve learned is that Yoga is for everybody, as well as every (type of) body.

For me, yoga – in all its shapes and forms – is a practice of devotion. Physical postures release blockages in the body, Meditation reminds us that we are the embodiment of the Divine, and the breath is the bridge that unites them.

Contact fawzia.munshi@gmail.com / +221 78 528 64 16

InstaG: ayeshahattah

Ayesha Harruna Attah ~ The Writer & Foodie

Ayesha grew up in Accra, Ghana, and was educated at Mount Holyoke College, Collumbia University, and New York University. She is the author of three novels: Harmattan Rain ( nominated for the 2010 Commonwealth Writers’ Prize); Saturday’s Shadows ( shortlisted for the Kwani? Manuscript Project in 2013); and The Hundred Wells Of Salaga (translated into four languages).

When not working on a new book, traveling, or giving creative writing workshops; Ayesha loves staring at the sea, making ice-cream, and taking long walks with her soon-to-be-four year old.

Email her at ayesha.attah@gmail.com

InstaG: Simone Mangwa

Nathalie Mangwa ~ The Dancer Yogi & Designer

“Le FEU, l’énergie de Nathalie est feu pour aborder la danse, la musique et le yoga. Pas de concession au conformisme, à l’apathie, au mensonge artistique, bref puissance, force, pluralité, joie et créativité sont les termes par lesquels elle se définit.”

Nathalie a été formée durant quatre années à l’école ashtanga sadhana auprès d’Arnaud Kancel (Montpellier), à l’ashtanga yoga, pranayama, nidra et mantra.