Beach Clean-Ups & Rainy Season Insanity

L’Hivernage – aka rainy season – in Popenguine is equal parts magical-wonderful and shock-horror. On the one hand, the rains transform our normally dry and arid landscape into a burst of colour, filled with migrating birds and exotic flowers in full bloom.

Popenguine pendant la saison du pluies
Popenguine Prettiness

But on the other hand, the deluge brings with it tonnes of plastic pollution that ride on the waves of the Atlantic Ocean and land on our beaches en masse. Plastic littered beaches that had previously been easily manageable with steady and consistent effort before the rains arrived, left us at a loss of what to do next…Where to even start, and what to do with it all?

It takes a village…

And so we called. Texted, bullied, and cajoled. And in the end, community vibes were strong and together, we cleaned the entire mess up! Words cannot possibly describe the collective pride we felt, and the enormity of our accomplishment. Yes, there were a few niggles and little gremlins that we need to avoid going forward…But all in all, it was a JOB WELL DONE 💕