Community Projects

They say that ‘It takes a village to raise a tribe’, but it also takes a village to help dreams come to Life. Finding a home in a village nestled between a Réserve Naturelle and the Atlantic Ocean was already a dream come true – but the projects that Popenguine has inspired have been nothing short of magical.

Our Poppin’ Popenguine events started small, and have grown from strength to strength: From simple Yoga & Creative Writing Workshop retreats to jam packed weekend getaway events featuring everything from soap-making workshops and dance classes, to recycled art projects and kids korner; we now even have a mentoring program to transfer skills and provide a source of income to our budding entrepreneurs!

The Pomegranate Book Club launches in Popenguine!

Collaborating is what Team Poppin’ Popenguine does best. So when Nicolas and Ayesha started brainstorming, it wasn’t long before magic started happening. Check out the story behind the Pomegranate Book Club they launched in Popenguine, and follow them on IG for more on the youth readers they’re inspiring towards the beginning of something BIG!

Pomegranate Club De Lecture - Popenguine

It’s not always rainbows and butterflies…

Life here is beautiful, tranquil, and abundant. That said, it has its challenges and we’re constantly revisiting the drawing board to see how best to meet them…While this can feel overwhelming at times, tribe-vibes keep the motivation going strong:

  • What to do about the plastic pollution that’s constantly trashing our beaches and littering the nature reserve?
  • How best to engage the youth in skills and community development initiatives?
  • Bridging the expat vs local divide and navigating cultural differences

Sometimes it takes focus & determination

Luckily, we already have local artists such as Moussa who have been steadily chipping away at most of these challenges for years. Not only does he use plastic that washed up on the beach to create beautiful works of art, but the local perspective he provides keeps us steered in the right direction.

Follow us and our journey through Beach Cleanups & community engagement, and our most ambitious project yet… Precious Plastic: Turning Trash Into Treasure!

Projet du plastique recyclage, Popenguine.
Plastic Recycling Project: Popenguine